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Carbohydrates are the body's preferential source of energy, required to sustain high intensity activity making a high carbohydrate diet optimal for those looking to build muscle and maximise their sporting performance. Those engaging in a high volume of training in particular will need to consume more carbohydrates such as waxy maize and Vitargo, shown to replenish muscle glycogen stores faster than solid food can achieve. It is common for athletes to consume some carbohydrate beverages during training and especially after training. The products here can be combined with protein powders to make a mix of nutrients to suit the user or else there are post workout supplements which combine all nutrients together.

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Maltodextrin 4kg

ESN MALTODEXTRIN 4KG ESN Maltodextrin consists of the highest quality corn starch. ESN Maltodextrin..


Carbomax 1kg

ACTIVELAB CARBOMAX 1KG - Prolonged source of energy - High in Carbohydrate - Mixes easily - Tastes ..


Carbomax 3kg

ACTIVELAB CARBOMAX 3KG - Prolonged source of energy - High in Carbohydrate - Mixes easily - Tastes ..


Glycomaize 4.4lb

OPTIMUM NUTRITION GLYCOMAIZE 4.4 LB Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize Unflavored 4.4 lbs is an advanced ..