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Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, cell volumizing, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. Glutamine's anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles.

This is especially useful for people 'cutting down'. Especially during summer when you're trying to get rid of some body fat without losing any muscle. Glutamine is needed throughout your body for optimal performance. Your small intestines requires the most Glutamine in your body, and your immune system also needs Glutamine because Glutamine levels deplete during workouts, bodybuilders are more susceptible to illnesses - this is why L-Glutamine supplementation is so important, not necessarily to gain more muscle, but for the 'maintenance' effects of L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine supplementation promotes a positive nitrogen balance and prevents the loss of muscle. Recent studies have shown that taking just 2 grams of L-Glutamine can increase growth hormone levels by 400%.

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Glutamine Decanate 300g

MUSCLEMEDS GLUTAMINE DECANATE 300G     Professional Strength Micronized L-Glutami..

28.00€ 25.00€

Best Glutamine 50 servings

BPI SPORTS BEST GLUTAMINE 50 SERVINGS What Can Best Glutamine Do For You? Support protein synthe..


Core Series Glutamine 300g

MUTANT CORE SERIES L-GLUTAMINE 300G Glutamine is the most abundant free form amino acid in muscle. ..

18.00€ 15.00€

Glutamine 500g

PEAK GLUTAMINE 500G Glutamine is involved in a large number of body functions and, at around&n..


Glutamine Drive 1Kg

Glutamine is a vital amino acid that accounts for 60% of all amino acids in your skeletal muscle tis..


Glutamine Micronized 400g

DYMATIZE NUTRITION MICRONIZED GLUTAMINE400G Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid found ..


Glutamine Powder 630g

OPTIMUM NUTRITION GLUTAMINE POWDER 630G Excellent recovery aid Glutamine is key to a healthy bod..


Glutamine-SR 1kg

MHP GLUTAMINE-SR 1KG Glutamine-SR’s Micro-Feed Technology allows for an unprecedented 100% of L-Glu..


Mammoth Glutamine 1kg

INTERACTIVE MAMMOTH GLUTAMINE 1KG 100% Pure Micronized Glutamine for Mammoth Recovery! 2.2 lbs o..


Platinum Glutamine 300g

MUSCLETECH PLATINUM GLUTAMINE 300G Platinum 100% Glutamine supplies 5g of glutamine per serving, whi..


R1 Glutamine 750g

RULE 1 R1 GLUTAMINE 750G Rule 1 R1 Glutamine supplies 100% L-glutamine for a simpler, more..


Ultra Pure L-Glutamine 500g

ESN ULTRA PURE L-GLUTAMINE 500G L-glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body.  G..